SMS Jokes and Funny Sayings to Cheer Up Your Mood

It is scientifically proven that in order to stay healthy, both physically as well as mentally, laughter along with active sense of humor is best medicine ever and there is no better way to make you smile than jokes and funny sayings. Jokes can be explained as small stories that end with a laughably startling speech. Jokes give us our daily dosage of laughter and bring happiness and joy in our life. So to keep your mind fit and healthy read funny SMS jokes.

With the advent of SMS technology, now one needs not to be physically present in order share humor with each other. One can use his cell phone and send SMS jokes to friends, family and all near and dear ones and bring smile on their face. What are SMS Jokes? They can be defined as two or three liner jokes which are especially designed to be sent via text messaging. You need to read and remember these SMS jokes in order to share them with your mates.

You can found thousand of websites in the World Wide Web. Whatever type of text jokes you are looking for, be it daily joke, birthday jokes, funny jokes, dirty jokes, funny sayings jokes or Hindi jokes, you are sure to get it on the internet. You can go to any search engine and search for the joke you are looking for. If you want to have fun with your friends, then you can search for funny or dirty jokes. If you need some for your friend’s birthday then you can search for birthday jokes or if you want to be naughty with girlfriend or boyfriend, then you can go for naughty ones.

In order to use these websites effectively, you should copy your favorite jokes in notepad or WordPad so that you won’t face any difficulty in case of unavailability of internet. You can also make your own compilation of your favorite jokes on internet which can be accessed by the whole world or by the person you want without spending even a little penny. There are so much service available online allows you to create web pages free of cost. You can use blogger, WordPress or Google pages to make a webpage where you can collect all of your favorite sms jokes on all topics.

Hence, sending SMS Jokes is best way to spread the humor around the world. It let you forget all the routine stress of life. On the whole, sending jokes and funny sayings via SMS is a best way to instill some fun in our lives.

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Knock Knock Joke Origins

Knock Knock! Who’s there? A question! A question who? A question who needs to be answered. Where do these types of jokes come from? The knock knock joke is one of the most common joke formats in the world. Jokes of this kind can be seen in almost all facets of American media even though recently that have come to be seen as jokes for children. These types of jokes are interesting because they involve a sort of call and response. Most jokes only involve a second person to the extent that they say “why?” If you walk up to anyone on the street and say “knock knock” they will definitely respond with “Who’s there?” Like many jokes and cultural revolutions, these jokes came from literature-based media.

Knock knock jokes aren’t only unique in their delivery, but they are also unique because of their beginnings. This type of joke had can be traced back to a children’s game that was around at least since 1929. It was called the game of Buff. In this game one child hits a stick against the ground and the following dialog takes place: “Knock knock! Who’s there? Buff. What say Buff? Buff says Buff to all his men, and I say Buff to you again.” From this point a newspaper published a joke in its popular format in 1934. Even though this is one of the first published jokes with this format, the origin of this type of joke is largely unknown and only speculations and myth surround the real invention of the jokes. Even though the origins are unknown, we do know that they became popularized in 1936. They were so popular because they claimed the title of being the most popular parlor game. This flavor of joke remained very popular and grew until the early 1960’s; at this point it fell to the wayside.

Even though knock knock jokes aren’t regarded as highly as they were between the 1930’s and 1950’s they have still maintained their popularity in that they are known by almost everyone. Part of the reason they became less favorable is because of their very limited nature. You can only write so many jokes with the same exact form before you exhaust them all together. This also makes them somewhat boring after a while. Another factor that led to their demise is the maturity of humor in recent times. Full grown adults used to think a lot of these jokes were funny that would be regarded as cheesy or childish by even teenagers of today. So they do still endure, but only for the amusement of children and for the sake of being cheesy.

Although the world’s appreciation for knock knock jokes have fallen drastically, they are still an important part of our joke culture and have identifiability that is rare among jokes. They have survived for at least nearly a century, and they will probably endure much longer.

Knock Knock Jokes For Adult

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